Tag: Country


  • Kyron

    Kyron is a multi cultrural country that is run by the monarchy of king Erik shalar.

  • Skullshield

    Skullshield is a country comprised of mainly orcs and half-orcs. Skullshield is known for its large game, sometimes even breeding them for tools of war.

  • Tullmore

    Tullmore is a country mainly comprised of fey creatures. it has large dense forest, and wide open fields. only a handful of cities are in tullmore it mainly has small villages and tribal areas.

  • Thunderblood

    Thunderblood is a country of run by a monarchy of Queen Erin Durmom. Thunderblood is also famous for having the artificers guild in it.

  • Arcadia

    Arcadia is a country is the birth place of mind magic. The load stone is the source of the psionic powers in the country. It is mainly comprised of humans but other races do live there.